Guidance Reading Via Email


 Have questions or feeling stuck 
think or your issues  and sign up for an email reading. 
Once i get your  request  I will tap into your energy and give you an energy reading and intuitive reading of what I am feeling for you. 
Then  I will follow that up with and Archangel Oracle card reading 
Readings will be sent via email with in 24 hours of the request .
follow up readings or  in person or distance healing can be sent  to aid in your  healing process.
Love and Light 
Pete DuMelle

What People Have been saying 

"Thanks so much for the did clear up some things for me. Can't thank you enough!"
"wow thank you i could not think of any one question the only word that came to my mind was "directions" and now i feel i am on the right path thank you for confirming that"
"Thank you so much!! That was really cool. 
Actually, your comments were right in sync with what is supposedly going on in my Jyotish chart as well, only I think I need to put some focus to "clearing out the clutter" as your reading suggests. This helps. Gratitude.."
"Thanks Pete! It was all right on the spot!!!"




Price: $35.00