We work with the universal healing energy of the universe. We are all vibrating energy work by L.O.V.E
Law Of Vibrational Energy
I am an energy healer and teacher.
I will be offering:

  • healing sessions including Reiki and Angel Healing
  • Ayurveda Educator and PT Tech
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Workshops on metaphysical topic
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We want to help raise the vibrations our services are based on LOVE
We create and perceive everything. We perceive the world.  We create problems   as we perceive things we attach our belief systems and emotions to them. If we let our emotions run wild then it turns into a problem.  There is no problem we have to learn to manage our emotions and examine our belief systems.  Just as we can create problem we can create love and joy.
here is what people are saying :
"Thanks so much for the reading...it did clear up some things for me. Can't thank you enough!"
"wow thank you i could not think of any one question the only word that came to my mind was "directions" and now i feel i am on the right path thank you for confirming that"
"Thank you so much!! That was really cool. 
Actually, your comments were right in sync with what is supposedly going on in my Jyotish chart as well, only I think I need to put some focus to "clearing out the clutter" as your reading suggests. This helps. Gratitude.."
"Thanks Pete! It was all right on the spot!!!"

What are people saying about the FREE HEALINGS  that Pete DuMelle is offering?


Dear Pete,
Thank you so very much for taking the time to send me healing energy...I want to know how much grateful i am for receiving it... also i have thought a lot about what you mentioned about taking this time to meditate and try to seek the answers to what i'm 'shutting out'  when i read that, it really rang true in my heart even though i am not aware of exactly what it is... so i thank you very much for that insight and advice.
sending so many blessings your way, shari

To : Great Compassionate Pete

          Once again i am compel to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart - i am really grateful for the healing energy you be constantly sending me - Thanks Pete - you make my day .

                     Sincere Thanks & gratitude ;    Ed .

Thanks Peter....i will remember this...