Flower Essences new way of getting them

Flower Essences , is the vibration or essence of the flowers energy captures in a liquid then you take this for what issue you may have. Flower Essences help many things. I have seen live aura photos of people taking flower essences and see there aura change just as it should as there vibrations changes so they work. As we become more in tuned we can connect with the elements, fairies , angels and other vibrations so we can also connect with the flowers vibrations just by calling upon it. Flowers all have roots in the ground we can also ground and connect to the earth and then connect to the flowers energy that we need. So next time you do a grounding during a meditation also ask there flowers to send you the vibration you need to heal. Another way to get the flowers energy is to just sit with the flower being in there energy field can also heal. Have them around. Flowers just do not look and smell good but they also heal.