Chakra And Personality

Root Chakra – Keystone of root chakra personalities is survival and material survival. They are rooted in the earth and in the natural world. They are devoted to personal well being, a comfortable home, stable family, and a secure career. They can exceed as gardeners, builders and crafts people. They are especially gifted at relating to animals. They have a powerful will to live and a reservoir of life energy. They can achieve their goalsChallenges that they face are egotism and lack of self-control. They are subject to powerful physical urges which can lead to unhealthy relationships with necessities in life like food. Their basic fear is for survival. This can be easily triggered when material needs and desires aren’t met. Negative aspects will manifest strongly when the other chakras are blocked or weakened. They must also remember to strengthen and care for the root chakras complementary opposite, the crown chakra. Their greatest assets are persistence, energy and self confidence.

Sacral Chakra – They are connected to the power of creativity. Their joy in life creates sensuality, sexuality and creativity in the foreground. They have a deep need to share themselves with the world. They can succeed as sculptors, architects, and painters. They attract other people and are naturally sympathetic. They are always in search of something new and their creativity helps them along their path. Women find great joy and fulfillment in motherhood. Menhave a better harmony within their masculine and feminine aspects. People with strong sacral chakras have the ability to reach higher spiritual levels of being. Challenges that they face are an obsessive pursuit of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. They can become aggressive and destructive and can unleash powerful energies that can harm others. Their greatest fear is the loss or abandonment of their partner. They can also experience uncontrollable jealousy. The best way to avoid this is do pay equal attention to the sacral and forehead chakras. In maintaining this balance they can have a positive influence on the world around them.

Navel Chakra – Will power and Self Control are dominant characteristics in a Navel Chakra Personality. The pursuit of their goals and control over their thought processes are very important to them. They exercise great influences on the world and people around them. They set things in motion and bring them to their conclusion. They are leaders and do not thrive insubordinate situations. They have an abundant sourcepositive energy which will ensure that they use their power for good. They are naturally empathetic, sensitivand ardent pursuers of their higher being. Their great powers can be exacerbated by the extreme competitiveness of the modern world and this is their greatest challenge. They can use their power for personal gain and can become obsessive and disregothers. Politicians hungry for power are often of this tyThey fear the loss of control. It is especially important them to concentrate on their throat and heart chakras. The hearts energy will suffuse the navel chakra with healing power .They also need to learn the art of relaxation to help them find peace and contentment so as no to lose their way.

Heart Chakra – Love and compassion are the main characteristics of a heart chakra personality. They are warm, loving, tolerant and compassionate towards others. They bring love into the world. They can make valuable contributions to professions that help people and have great healing energy. They have the ability to make the world around them a better place. The peace that is in their hearts and their capacity for self-acceptance radiate a harmony that has a calming and comforting effect on others. Their hearts and hands are open to all and they remain true to themselves. Challenges they face are that they can love indiscriminately and lose themselves in this love. This can deprive them of a sense of responsibility. There is nocomplementary chakra for the Heart Chakra as there is no counter balance to love. Therefore they should work on harmonizing all chakras.

Throat Chakra – Their area of strength is communication. They look for the rational explanation yet are gifted with emotional intelligence. They tend to clarify things within themselves before sharing with others. They find the courage to stand by their opinions and they give truth expression. They are likely to be gifted singers and actors and can excel in areas of academia and the sciences. They have an interest in many different things and seek knowledge at all times. They have the ability to see the patterns in life and are prone to clear thinking and true creativity. The truth is their highest goal. Challenges that they face are that they can sometimes express the truth only as they see it and can have problems accepting the truth of another’s point of view. They may use their gifts to manipulate others and often become self-aggrandizing and grandiose. The complementary chakra (navel) also needs to be alanced.

Forehead Chakra – They central themes for this personality are wisdom and self-awareness. They seek for the full unfolding of their higher self. They can penetrate to the heart of matters and can see beyond the lies of others. They find fulfillment as teachers, psychologists and artists. They are also adept at healing. Their greatest strength lies in what they can become. They seek knowledge that lies beyond the world of appearance. They are in an ideal position to visualize and achieve their future goals. Their greatest quest is true wisdom. They have an innate ability to recognize lies and delusions and can avoid these pit falls. They experience inner peace and can radiate positive energy. They can be intensely creative and it is a natural occurrence for them. They are pioneers in everything that they do. They have the natural ability to achieve the goal of yoga “Bringing peace to the constant movement of the mind”. Their challenges are in losing contact with the material world thereby distancing themselves from others. This can lead to isolation and depression. The most important task for them is to seek a harmonious balance with all chakras, especially the sacral chakra.

Crown Chakra – The central theme of this personality is enlightenment and self-realization. They seek liberation toward the highest level of self-realization “transcendency”. This goal gives meaning to their lives and they can sometimes seem “not of this world”. In fact they live as a part of this world but are untouched by illusions and delusions. They are affected by all the other chakras and can often be misunderstood. Their experiences and perceptions are so different from others that they come off as being incomprehensible. They can succeed in any chosen profession however they are often in areas of spiritual leadership. They have an unconditional strive for perfection. They let nothing stand in the way of their goal. They radiate energy that effects positive transformations to those around them. Challenges that they face are a withdrawal from the world and can practice extreme self-denial. They can be prone to superstition, drawn to black magic or subject to spiritual sickness. They must pay due consideration to the other chakras and especially the root chakra.

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