Love Multimodality Reading and Healing    (Energy work)
This is a Reading, coaching and healing. We set our intentions for the healing. Then we intuitively read your chakra’s and give you information on your blockages and how it is affecting your life. Then we give coaching advice how to change things. From there we intuitively use combinations of healing modalities such as tuning forks, energy medicine, light channel, Angelic healing and Reiki. Then we review the session. Balancing and aligning your energies helps increase health. Removing blocks and stagnate energies opens you to the synchronicity in life. Throughout the session we reveal any other messages that is provided by the univers.
Ayurvedic Panchakarma Bodywork Treatments
 (All treatments will contain some energy work so you are cleansing your physical body and energy body.)
Nasya (Sinus And Nasal Cleans)
Nasya is the classic Ayurvedic sinus and nasal treatment designed to open the channels of the upper body to allow more Pranic energy to enter. It is a wonderful treatment to strengthen the body against colds, flu and allergies. It includes a wonderful enlivening head rub, herbal facial steam, and a variety of nasal decoctions. Treatment also includes Gandusa, the holding of herbal liquids in the mouth, to enliven and refresh the senses.
 Netra Tarpana (Eye Cleans)
Netra Tarpana, also called the "golden vision" treatment, enhances eyesight and relieves dry, red and itchy eyes. There are several methods on bathing the eyes in soothing decoctions and purifying them using herbal smoke.
Karna Purana (Ear Cleans)
A treatment to tonify the ears and support proper hearing. Using a specific ear rub and the applications of herbal decoctions into the ear, one can improve the hearing, relieve ear aches and other ear related problems. Then ear candling is done to remove all of the ear buildup.
Aliven Your Senses Package ( combinations of the above treatments shortened )
Have you been suffering with spring colds/allergies, sinus congestion, dry or red eyes, and itchy ears? Treat yourself to this special package to cleanse and rejuvenate your senses - nasal treatment, eye treatment, ear treatment - plus our energy work is done. You'll be seeing better, smelling better, hearing better.
108 Marma Points Tharapy
In ancient Vedic times, marma points were called bindu – a dot, secret dot or mystic point. Like a door or pathway, activating a marma point opens into the inner pharmacy of the body. The body is a silent, universal, biochemical laboratory—operating every moment to interpret and transform arising events. Touching a marma point changes the body’s biochemistry and can unfold radical, alchemical change in one’s makeup. Stimulation of these inner pharmacy pathways signals the body to produce exactly what it needs, including hormones and neurochemicals that heal the body, mind and consciousness. This deep dimension of marma therapy has the potential to unfold spiritual healing.
Localized Bastis (Dough Dam Placed On Body Filled With Warm Oil)
Localized Bastis are applied to several key areas of the body - such as the Uro basti (heart chakra treatment with dough dam and warm oil), thyroid, Kati Basti (low back treatment with dough dam and warm oil), navel, etc. Infused oil is applied in conjunction with pranic healing to balance the chakras, organs or nourish specific areas of the body. Energy work is then done.
Garshana (Vigorous rubs to move lymphatic )
Garshana is a cloth glove is used to rub down that renews tired skin, increases circulation and encourages a healthy glow of the skin. Good for conditions of poor circulation, Raynaud's Disease, diabetes, cold feet/hands, some heart conditions. Then you have the option of getting an warm oil application to the body or a basti with some energy work. You are also given the gloves and shown how to do the treatment on your own.
Abhyanga (Warm Oil Applications With Light Touch)
A full body warm oil application which takes you into a state of deep relaxation, nourishes your skin and promotes cleansing and healing. Our specialized herbal oils are infused with herbs specific to your constitution and help bring your body back into balance.
Shirodhara (Warm Oil Stream Over Forehead)
A steady stream of warm herbal oil is lovingly poured onto the forehead, nourishing the energies of your sixth chakra. This blissful therapy induces a profound sense of peace and well-being, balances the emotions, and calms the mind. It is an ideal treatment for headaches, anxiety, depression, and stress.
Energetic Face Lift (Ageless Face) Ayurvedic Skin Care
This therapeutic facial combines energy work , mama points on the face and herbal skin cream. This will reduce stress and have your skin glowing.
Lepas (Herbal Paste Applied To Area Of Issues )
Lepas are localized herbal paste applications that can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including joint pain, cysts, fibroids, skin conditions, injured bone and more. Caster oil is applied to the place where we are working then the herbal paste is applied on top of that an heating pad. As you relax and the herbs absorbed into your body energy works is done to aid the healing process and balance your energy.
Following Treatments are only done at select locations
 Pinda (Warm oil application then warm rice bag scrub)
Pinda is a nourishing and refreshing rub down treatment to reduce Pitta dosha. This treatment uses herbalized rice bolus bags that are warmed in a specialized milk decoction and vigorously rubbed into the skin. It is an excellent treatment for all inflammatory conditions, it balances the hormones in women and rejuvenates and nourishes inflamed, dry, dull skin tissue. Also good for inflammation of the joints and many pain symptoms.
Udvartna (Warm Oil application then herbal scrub )
Udvartana is a herbal paste rub down that stimulates the lymphatic system to release toxins and supports the removal of excess fatty tissue. This brisk rub is especially helpful when treating many Kapha conditions. Great for allergies, weight gain, congestion. Feel like a new "lighter" person.
Swedana (Herbal Steam)
This full body herbal steam follows any massage therapy. Hot steam which has been infused with special herbs allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissues as sweat is released through the skin, removing deep-seated toxins.
Ayurved Consultation   
 (All Consultations are for general health )
Ayurveda Consultation    (Finding your dosha balance and receive a plan to bring balance to your body)
During the initial consultation we assess your doshas by looking you your physical structure, talking to your about daily life and actives, telling us any ailments you may have , pulse taking and reading your life’s energy imprint.
Follow up consultation we provide a report that gives you suggestions on things that you can change in your life to help promo health. You will have a better understanding of your body and things that you are doing to cause imbalances.