Reiki 1, 2, Master/Teacher
Learn the ancient healing of Reiki. Learn to channel the universal healing energy down and out our hands to heal and balance yourself and others.
Gemstone Elixier and Waters
A gemstone elixir is water that has been charged with the metaphysical properties of one or more crystals and/ or gemstones. Creating a gemstone elixir is very easy and inexpensive. During this workshop you will see how to make your own   gemstone elixir  and learn ways of using them to enhance your healing and health process.
Manifesting beyond your passion and law of attraction
Learn what is missing with the law of attraction and following your passions there is more to manifesting then that. We will looks at many aspects of manifesting from belief systems to your energy flow and your chakras to what you are doing and are you open to new opportunities. We will learn simple tools to be clear on what we want and how to open our systems to allow us to receive them.
Into to Charkas
We have many energy systems in our body our Chakras is one of the important systems. Our Chakras connect with all aspects of our physical body energy body and health. This is an Introduction of what Chakras are and how we use them and how they can affect us.  We will also go over why our health and wealth is also related to the chakra system.
Movement , Mudras , and meditation

Come and join Pete DuMelle for  a night of movements , mudras, and meditation relaxing the body mind and spirit.  We will start off my doing some easy movements. By doing some type of movement practice starts to open up your channels and is a nice way to release any stress you may have.Then we move into our mudras  are special hand position  along with  some breathing  and chanting to open and balance our chakra system this begins to quite our mind.We finish off with a quite meditation connecting out our source


Feel the power in the group setting. Be sure to bring a pillow (meditation  pillow)  a mat or  blanket and ware comfortable clothing . This class is for all levels

Health and Wealth through the Chakra’s Series  
 This is an eight week long workshop each week we will get very detailed and learn all about each of the chakras. The chakras control our physical mental and spiritual bodies, and are related to color, sound, planet, food, aroma therapy, number, origins and much more. Things in our daily life affect our chakra. When our Chakras are open and flowing our life is in flow.
 If you attend all the Chakra classes you will get to go the manifesting with Chakras. As we manifest the from a thought to the physical world it gets filtered through our chakras. Learn to work with the chakras to manifest Health and wealth. Each of the works shops are about 1-2 hours long.
Native American burned sacred herb and used the smoke to purified can cleanse. Pete DuMelle will take you through the history and application of smudging we will go over the different herbs that you can use and there benefits. With this interactive workshop you will get the chance to practice and experience smudging. The works shop is about 1 hour.

Intro to Angels
Angels are all around us they are here to help. Learn that angels are in many religions and how to call upon them for help. We will also share angel stories. The work shop is about an hour long.
Dowsing is a form of divination. Being able to connect with your consciences, elements and guides. We will show you how to make dowsing tools and then teach everyone how to Dows. This is an interactive workshop and about 1 hour long.
Energy Medicine
Learn about our energy system and how we affect them and how other effect us. This is an interactive workshop that will get your energy flowing. We will learn a 5 minute energy routine that will help boost and align your energy by the uses of energy exercises. Energy exercises are a mix of hand placements, breathings, postures and stretching.
Neti health through the nose
Our nose is one of the   senses and is connecting too many things. Your nose effect you’re directly. Learn how to keep your nose clear for clear heath. We will learn how to use the Neti pot and different herbs that you can use to promote health and help reduce allegories and other illnesses.
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