What Energywork, Ayurveda and Chakra Readings?

What is Intuitive Chakra Readings
As I start to get into your energy system I receive messages, feelings, and thoughts that apply to your body mind and spirit. This information reveals your blockages give you insight to your life’s energy.
What Energy Work
Energy or light workers use energy tools to help bring balance to your energy systems. Stuck emotions, attachments and belief systems can be stuck in our energy system making things difficult in our life . A practitioner may use energy therapies such as reiki or angel healing. They also may use the vibrations, light, sound, crystals and aroma therapy. You may also be given a meditation or mantra to balance your energy system . This work uses mostly hands off but some light touch my be done.   This is powerful work that works on your subtle energy
What is Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a sandscript word that can be broken down to ayu= life and veda = science, so Ayurveda is the science of life. It is a holistic system of health that uses food and diet, life style, herb aroma therapy and bodywork (light touch oil applications and rejuvenation and sense clearings) to create and maintain a healthy body mind and spirit.
Ayurveda says the body is made up of tissues (dhatus), waste products (malas), and doshas (loosely translated to Energetic Forces)
Ayurveda is based on a tridosha theory. It is the Tridoshas' job to assist with the creation of all of the various tissues of the body to remove any unnecessary waste products from the body, influence all movements, all transformations, all sensory functions, many of the other activities in the human body and mind.
By learning what Dosha balance you are.  And getting a report that will make it easer to understand how the food we eat and the activates we do can cause imbalances in our body’s and life.
What is Panchakrama Bodywork
Panchakarma is a gentle yet powerful Ayurvedic approach to rejuvenation and detoxification the body. We use warm oil, herbs and light touch to rejuvenation and detoxification the senses, body and mind . These treatments are being done as individual treatments not as a full Panchakarma.