What is Energy Reality Theory?

We are made up of vibrating energy. There are many levels to what makes up our reality and what we are your body is the physical thing that is here, in this reality, on this vibration level. From our physical reality we move to our conscious reality our thought and feeling. Then is energy gets its information deeper form our Subconscious this is where we start to communicate on an energy level. Breaking that down one more step to our cellular reality. Each of our cells is part of our energy make up and cell can change to altar our reality. The DNA is the Levels of Energy Reailty Theory genetic make up of our cells that contains the programming for our physical body. The energy reality or sole holds all of our DNA together for this physical reality our energy reality can shift vibration levels to move to alternates realities while maintaining this physical form. How do we change our reality for self improvement? The law of attraction has us working in the conscious and physical area of reality. This is just touching the surface of where the changes need to be done. There is more than just changing thoughts to change your reality. This seemed to work for some but many people still feel that there is something missing So we went deeper to the cellular or DNA level. Some of the work done as Orin as she speaks through Sanya Roman http://www.orindaben.com/ they talk about activating on the DNA level also Corry Love m with for love talks about reprogramming your 3billion DNA strains. -- Is this Deep enough? -- Do we get at our sole the base energy reality is this what is needed? -- How do we keep present in this reality but still have the core energy reality that can shift to other reality’s.