It is almost 2012.

It is almost 2012. What is going to happen? Will there be an spiritual awaking, will there be rapture, will there be an earth cleansing, with there be visitors from other planets, will there be a huge solar flare, will there be a comet? Or Will the not see any of it due to our government and other world leaders take full control of the people because they are fearful of losing there power can and control.
We are brought into this world / life from love and we leave with love the rest is insignificant. Material possessions are nice but unnecessary. Nothing really belongs to us we are just using it as we are here.
Start to detach from the material objects. One day you can have everything the next day nothing you are still a loving being that can make a difference . Come from a place of Love and support no judgement. there is not right or wrong , good or bad. We are all one. Each one of use is just a different view of our self. One of the most difficult things is to love our self. and that means you and everyone around you.