who we are and what we are doing

We have our soul  that is our essences, that thing that stored. All our information, our  karma , our akashic Records ,  this is our true self.  This Soul can come from many places it can have a galactic / star seed,  an elemental, reptilian  where evey you connect with. But really all of the souls come form one source the great consciousness  in India they call it purusha  the " cosmic Being " where everhing is known and everything exists.  For this energy to experience it self , they break away into part that can be call souls. 

The souls come to different planets and dimensions to learn.  As we incarnate into the physical we set plans of who we are going to meet and what lessons we will  learn. We use our physical body what every form we are in, depending on the dimension to experience with our senses. Our physical body is just for us to use  while we are here.

When this life is done we come back some time to the same place some times different.  To finish what we need to learn and experience.

As we experience more and become more evolved our  physical senses start to  open and allow more experience to occur.  Another way of saying this is that  our physical realities are shifting allowing our senses to open.  As this happen our souls can start to remember more of it self  and our realty changes.

Some souls can go beyond there physical senses that is when they have ESP or psychic ability they are just in-tuned to other energy s and dimensions

There are many theory on the energy shift, poles switching, Earth cleansing, commits hitting the earth, end of the world, changing to the 5th dimension, rapture, alines come  to help us , one world government or what every.  if we pay to much attention to this we can go crazy.

If  our soul finds what you are meant to do and do it, come from a place of love, make a positive impact on many people as you can. learn the lessons that you originally wanted to do. Do not blame others or your self for your hard ships. Know that everything is in divine order.  And the more we can connect with our spiritul self the soul and to purusha  the easier the lessens can be they can still be difficult but easier and we will all become in one big place of love and light.
here is another point of view